CESA International Profile

CESA’s students count with a wide range of opportunities when it comes to international corporate visits, dual degrees with partner universities, exchange programs and much more. However, an important part of the internationalization process happens right within CESA’s campus with students that come from abroad to enrich the institution with different cultures and points of view.

2014’s first semester brought sixteen international students, who joined CESA School of Business. In order to learn more about them and help them reach their objectives during their stay, we got to know them better.

Meet Jannick P. Splitthoff, 21, from Solingen, Germany, who comes from the Hague University, Den Haag, in The Netherlands.

Why did you decide to come to CESA?

My studies in the Netherlands are in International Business and Management studies. For my study abroad I chose CESA because it offers one of the best business administration programs in South America and is the best alternative in Colombia. I wanted to improve my spanish skills and study in one of the uprising continents, away from Europe or North America.

What are your expectations of your time at CESA?

I hope to grow my network in colombia and at CESA. So far the students at this school are way more open than expected and students welcome you to their inner circle, even though they mostly know each other from High School. The country and the people have been heartwarming and already exceeded my expectations in the first month.

Your interests and professional goals:

Improving intercultural communication skills, spanish knowledge and getting an overview on how to do business in Colombia and South America, are the biggest goals for my study at CESA. However, I have already discovered a new interesting course which I add on to my list, entrepreneurship.

A message for the community...

A shout out to all my friends at CESA so far. You guys have been most supportive and welcoming. A special Thanks to Christian Knudsen for making the beginning of my exchange so much easier. I wish you will enjoy your exchange just as much, and hope you will get into your dream school in Germany.

Those who think about participating in an exchange in Colombia, should absolutely come to CESA. The experience gained here cannot be gained anywhere else. If you sit at home reading about all the risk Colombia supposingly bears, worrying if it is the right choice - wake up, It's not 2002 anymore. The country loves you just as much as you will learn to love it.