HEC Montreal Business School Visits CESA School of Business

As part of CESA School of Business’ internationalization philosophy, the institution continues to tie bonds with faculty and students from other countries who come to Colombia as part of their academic programs. In days past, a delegation of MBA students from HEC Business School in Montreal visited CESA’s campus.

Their trip to Colombia was part of a program dedicated to MBA and Ms.c's students at HEC Montreal Business School. The purpose of the Campus abroad Colombia, given for the first time, was to show the 20 students the diverse paths colombian society has taken to continue to economicially and socially progress. Sebastien Arcand, HEC Business School professor of cross-cultural management, who traveled with the group of students, has and continues to teach frequently in diverse colombian universities since 2006.

“It was important for me to give the students the opportunity to learn more about the country, its economy, its social aspects and the role of its institutions in bettering the life of colombians in many diverse aspects. Because of that, I thought it would be relevant to visit an important Business school such as CESA in order to understand better how future and current managers are preparing to face the different challenges the colombian society and its organizations have to face” he said.

The general impression of the group was that Colombian people are nice and warm. As for the business environment, they all found that Colombia is very open to foreign investment and, because of that, there are plenty of business opportunities. Professor Arcand’s words, “we find that Colombians are very dedicated to entrepreneurship and, beside some specific challenges such as infrastructure, future collaborations between Canada and Colombia will surely increase... it is one of my main objectives, as a professor, to encourage my students to develop some of these collaborations with Colombia.”

HEC Business School focuses on everything that is related to the business world from Finance, to Human Resources, Management, Accountability and Logistic, said Sebastien. “Through our different programs (Undegrade, Ms.c., MBA, Ph.d, etc.), we try to create a positive academic environment for our students. HEC Montreal is an independant Business School although it is affiliated to Université de Montréal, one of the largest universities in the province of Quebec and in Canada. It was created in 1907 and over the course of its history, HEC Montreal is recognized internationally for its excellency as our different international certifications showed (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). Since several years now, HEC Montreal puts emphasis on some specific and important issues like entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Because of that, I am personally convinced that we share a lot of the same interests with CESA.”

Mr. Arcand is coming back to Colombia with another group of 20 students next February for their second Campus Abroad Colombia and, in his words, “I would be more than happy to go back to CESA.”