CESA hosts an expert economist from Singapore

Dr. Yupana Wiwattanakantang, Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore Business School, visited CESA on May 30th to present her work on Corporate Governance and Business Groups in Asia: Lessons for Latin America.

On that same morning, Dr. Wiwattanakantang exposed her work at the Marriot Hotel, where the Circle of Companies with Good Corporate Governance, came together for her conference with the purpose of setting the agenda for 2013’s work year. Dr. Yupana later met with a group of professors to discuss her in-progress research titled: Are U.S. CEO’s Underpaid?

Dr. Wiwattanakantang’s has a Ph.D as well as two master degrees in economics. She´s an expert and had published numerous research in the areas of Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Business Groups, Behavior and Performance of Family Firms.

Even after an exhausting day of conferences and meetings, Dr. Yupana took the time to share what in her opinion are the most important lessons Latin America can learn from Asia when it comes to Corporate Governance. She emphasized on the importance of thinking long term and a very well planned succession. Furthermore, Dr. Yupana briefly summarized her findings of her work on whether U.S. CEO’s are underpaid. She also left a special message for CESA students and a little advice from her experience as a professor that travels the world.

Watch video clips of Dr. Wiwattanakantang on her exclusive interview with CESA.