International Masters in Business Administration

The International MBA is an in-depth program, composed by Management and International Business disciplines, that proposes an updated and active teaching strategy, and allows students to build their own academic path.

Spearheaded by qualified professors; a group of professionals with broad trajectory in business, solid academic training, and substantial teaching experience, an important ingredient of the International MBA is comprised of its research lines in different aspects of the global environment.

With the objective of training researchers capable of proposing assertive solutions and contribute to regional and national development, this MBA offers a multidisciplinary vision of the critical problems caused by globalization, in its international and local effects.

The Masters in Business Administration has a duration of 24 months.

CESA - Sprott MBA Differentiators
  1. Strong focus in International Business.
  2. Conceptualizes around the fundamental variables of globalization and organizational management.
  3. Properly combines aspects related to the management of organizations and business in a global framework.
  4. Faculty from the five continents, most at the Ph. D. level.
  5. Face - to - face meetings thursday to saturday every three weeks.
  6. Mandatory two-week international internship in Canada and optional second internship at program’s conclusion, in order to strengthen international corporate relationships.
  7. Intense use of technology during the training process.
  8. Active student - centered methodology based on learning.
  9. Mandatory and daily use of the english language in lectures and class materials. 67% of classes are taught in english and 60% are taught by Sprott School of Business faculty.
  10. Guaranteed dual degree by Carleton University in Canada and CESA School of Business in Colombia.

The program’s methodology seeks to develop students capacity to understand diverse economic, productive, financial, technological, political, and institutional situations generated by globalization.

  1. 65% Practice
  2. 35% Theory

The following teaching methodologies and practices, oriented towards each professional profile, are implemented throughout the program:

  1. Faculty lectures
  2. Student participation
  3. Individual and group tutoring
  4. Real experiences and case resolution
  5. Latest technological tools

Face-to-face meetings will take place thursday to saturday every three weeks in order to allow a greater study and research period. Students will be able to continue with their personal and work activities.

  1. Thursday 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  2. Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  3. Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

With the exception of Managing Diversity, Sprott School of Business professors will teach at CESA’s campus.


Students will receive two diplomas, each with the following titles:

  1. Magíster en Administración - CESA
  2. Master of Business Administration - Carleton University
Future students / candidate’s profile
  • Professional skills

    The international MBA is oriented towards the following base purposes:

    1. To contribute to the training of innovative and critical thinkers who will take on roles of directors in the areas of international business and international relations.
    2. To develop the student’s analytic and creative skills through an in-depth study on entrepreneurial practices oriented towards international management.
    3. To maximize student’s leadership skills.
    4. To train top executives with a globalized mentality and a simultaneous ethical, humanist and loyal way, through the program’s lectures and reflections on ethics in international business, in order to achieve an ideal professional with the highest human qualities.
    5. To develop cognitive and procedural competencies that allow the student to face the natural risk in a changing and globalized environment, in order to promote agile, safe and efficient decision-making, even in the presence of uncertainty.
  • Aspiring student’s profile

    Aimed to executives and entrepreneurs with more than three years of professional experience in roles that involve national and international decision-making responsibilities.

    The aspiring student must be highly qualified in the english language because 60% of classes will be taught by faculty of the Sprott School of Business.

  • Alumni profile

    The MBA graduates will possess the capacity, skills, agility, intuition, knowledge and attitude to generate organizational and international business strategies in a globalized environment.

    Moreover, they will be able to guide entrepreneurship and corporate development initiatives, possessing management and administration training in a globalized international business context.

    Finally, the international MBA graduates will obtain a global vision that will allow them to maximize and improve the insertion of their business into the world’s changing environment.

  • Occupational profile

    The following are expected from alumni’s occupational profile:

    1. To effectively perform in directive corporate roles that involve action in a worldwide level.
    2. To be a leader in every professional role he or she performs.
    3. To spearhead projects that allow the worldwide insertion of companies.
    4. To effectively leverage favorable conditions negotiated by the Colombian government to better access international markets.
    5. To effectively perform in international profit and non-profit organizations.
    6. To perform as negotiator in international insertion processes.
    7. To serve as international consultant in the areas of global business and international management.