Alumni Association CESA – AECESA

Letter from the Director

I would like to share with the AECESA community this new phase that our association has embarked on.

Ours is an association of leadership well represented by our alumni who have excelled in different areas of business administration as executives and entrepreneurs, accomplishing their roles to perfection while respecting the moral and ethical values of our institution as well as carrying out projects with social responsibility.

Together with our committee of consultants and for the benefit of all our alumni, AECESA has developed a series of programs which I will briefly mention in the following: 

  • The Entrepreneurial Program. Supports students and alumni alike in developing new and innovative businesses.
  • Capacity Building Program. Allows our alumni to continue as the highest paid in the country.
  • Outplacement Program and Job Exchange. Helps us reach the best companies in the country, offering employment or career change opportunities.
  • Finally, the development of a modern communication system that enables the distribution and publishing of events, accomplishments and activities as well as offering a networking platform, setting us aside from other associations.

With the above initiatives we hope to offer added value for our alumni and to position AECESA as a leading and innovative organization in constant strive for excellence.

Juan Manuel Mora Hernández
Director AECESA