Master in Business Administration - MBA

Qualified Record 14946 of July 22, 2016

SNIES code 105710

The Master in Business Administration (MBA) has as general objective to create competences and skills in the students who study the program, as well as to develop and enhance the following aspects:

  • Develop management skills to apply the knowledge acquired in solving business problems.
  • To train persuasion and communication in organizational environments.
  • Develop critical thinking with the purpose of generating business innovation processes and prospective analysis in uncertain economic environments.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and the exercise of leadership.
  • Promote and understand the implications of business ethics within the practices of good Corporate Governance.

In the CESA MBA the research process should culminate with an applied investigation work in one of the thematic areas that make up the discipline of business administration. The research is transversal to the curriculum of the program during the four semesters of mastery.