Business Management Unit

Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Committed with the economic and social development of Colombia, we will be known as a Latin American leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship platform, that promotes quality of education and the development of sustainable entrepreneurship in CESA's community*.

Working areas




Offer training to the community, contribute to academic research, promote the culture of social innovation and support the creation and development of social innovation.

Promote the culture of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship in CESA's community.

Promote and support the creation and development of entrepreneurship in different stages.

* students, alumni, employees and program beneficiaries.





  1. CLE Training
  2. Innovative Leaders School
  3. CESA Talks
  1. Participation Fund
  2. Ecosystem articulation
  3. Entrepreneurship Prize


Entrepreneurship Phases

  1. Ideation
  2. Enterprise Challenge
  3. Incubation
  4. Acceleration
  1. Services for
  2. Entrepreneurship Spirit


  1. CESA Fellows
  2. Innovation Lecture
  3. Research in Social Innovation
  4. Volunteering
  1. Ashoka Changemaker Campus
  2. Social entrepreneurship and innovation Forum

Culture and Leadership

CLE training

Training programs for the whole CLE team in new methodologies.

Innovative Leaders School

Offer training tools to students who want to form themselves as impact­generating leaders.

CESA Talks

A space to share inspiring stories with leaders, business people and entrepreneurs.

Participation Fund

A fund to promote the participation of CESA's community in training workshops and events.

Ecosystem articulation

Attend and participate in events of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem to establish relationships with other entities.

Entrepreneurship Prize

Prize that aims at strengthening entrepreneurship in countries of the Pacific Alliance.

Support the creation and development of entrepreneurship


Workshops aimed at the generation of ideas.

Enterprise Challenge

Program that seeks to support entrepreneurs through mentoring in the validation process of their business ideas and to strengthen their teams.


Program that seeks to accompany entrepreneurs through mentoring in the strengthening, scaling and organization of their startups.


Program that seeks to accompany entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses as high-impact companies.

Services for entrepreneurs

Generating preferential alliances with companies to offer their services to entrepreneurs / Organize events to generate interaction between the members of our entrepreneurship community.

Entrepreneurship Spirit

CESA's flagship course that trains students in entrepreneurship through theory and practice.

Innovation and Sustainability

CESA Fellows

Program that seeks to accompany social entrepreneurs through mentoring in strengthening, scaling and organization their start up.

Innovation lecture

Undergraduate course on methodologies and innovation processes both for social and enterprise innovation.

Research in Social Innovation

Engage in research processes related to social innovation.

Volunteering culture

Promote volunteering activities in our community.

Ashoka Changemaker Campus

Certification process to become a higher education institution that forms changemakers and supports social innovation.

Social entrepreneurship and innovation Forum

Annual forum that seeks to inform about current subjects related to social entrepreneurship and innovation.