Specialized Rooms

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Bloomberg Room BVC Point Marketing Lab Room
Video Conferencing Room Entertainment and Learning Center

Bloomberg Room

This interactive platform provides real time access to global market information, such as: stocks, commodities, sovereign debt and foreign currency, among others, and allows more than 260,000 professionals around the world to analyze financial strategies and carry out negotiations in international markets.

Through the Bloomberg stations, students can acquire practical market knowledge and skills they are expected to master by the finance industry. It bridges the gap between theory and practice and helps students develop a holistic and coherent understanding of global financial markets, thus improving their job opportunities in any market.

Those interested can obtain a Bloomberg Professional certification.

BVC Point (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia)

The Stock Exchange of Colombia station located at CESA is a space that offers students the possibility to have access to the capital markets, understand its operations and find potential investment opportunities. The BVC area allows visitors to:

  • Learn more about the Colombian capital market through seminars
  • Access financial information to support the process of making investment decisions
  • Contact brokerage firms by telephone
  • Acquire electronic information that offers real-time access to tha last stock prices

Marketing Lab Room

This room is equipped with computers and specialized information resources in the area of marketing. Students, graduates and teachers of CESA may:

  • Access databases with information on the productive sector worldwide
  • Pursue market opportunities, always assisted by an information system
  • Access the specialized marketing database, Euromonitor
  • Develop analysis and interpretation skills by interrelating variables
  • Structure and support research projects through technology, tools, and teachers’ support

Video Conferencing Room

Students can attend online classes or formal talks with guest professors abroad. The room has a command system that allows students to record events and upload them to the Web to ensure that knowledge generated is available to other people.

Entertainment and Learning Center

This center was designed to offer CESA’s community a space for the development of educational, cultural, artistic and recreational activities, this center consists of a theater and video rooms, and features:

  • Multimedia services
  • Films
  • Music
  • Academic papers
  • Concerts
  • Cultural information