Support Centers

Academic Support & Student Life

In order for students to maximize their learning at CESA, centers such as DIGA, BUSCA, VALOR, and SUMA, were established to lend academic support and encouragement to our students. Strong connectivity is top priority, reason why we count with 100% wireless network coverage and Web 2.0 tools. Together with our state-of-the-art technological facilities such as the Bloomberg Room, the Marketing Lab, the video conferencing room and the BVC room, among others, we promote an active learning atmosphere.

At CESA we offer:

  • Training in the correct use of digital tools, currently expected from professional job-seekers due to an increasingly globalized and digital world, such as: blogs, podcasts, videocasts and webcasts
  • 100% wireless network coverage and Web 2.0 tools, allowing to share information through social networks, blogs, wikis, among others
  • State-of-the-art computers: 30% are laptops available for student and teachers to check out
  • Computer classrooms equipped for specialized training