International Relations

Business Internships

Created more than 30 years ago by the founders of the institution, this program is central to CESA’s academic training. Before completing their undergraduate degree, students must work in a company for one year, at least 30 hours a week.

The internship program allows students to become familiar with business organizations and apply the theoretical knowledge acquired at CESA. They take financial responsibility, acquire discipline, and develop valuable organizational skills. So far, over 300 companies have opened their doors to CESA’s internships.


International Internships

At CESA we believe it is essential for students to obtain insights and understanding of cultures different from their own. Therefore, we offer the possibility to do business practices abroad, allowing students to:

  • Acquire knowledge and a global overview of the business world
  • Become more competitive as they get to know international markets and their negotiation styles.
  • Enrich and expand their perspective and become “professionals without borders”.

Some countries our students have interned at: China, Dominican Republic, Chile, Spain, United Kingdom, and Argentina, among others.