International Relations



  " …the biggest surprise for me was the relationship between students and teachers. Where I come from, teachers can be somewhat unapproachable but at CESA a teacher is almost like one of the students. The professors at CESA are highly experienced and very professional and I learned a lot from the lectures. If you are open to exchanging cultural ideas and ready to receiving the professional business knowledge, CESA is the place to be!


Dylan Antheunis:
"…most of the teachers have international experience, and some of them have their own businesses besides their job as a teacher. In this way, they can teach you how to apply the things you learn at the university to real life.

Bogotá has all the facilities you want from a big city. Public transport, hotels, shopping malls, bars, clubs, parks, nightlife – it’s all there. The people are probably the best thing the country has to offer. They are so nice and hospitable, everywhere you go people will say Mi casa es tu casa!.

At CESA University and in Colombia you will have a very unique and beautiful experience which you will never forget, and you will most likely want to stay there after your exchange! "


Jade, international student from Shanghai, tells us her opinion about CESA



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