CESA Entrepreneurial Challenge Winners

Sandra Bernal, Diana Padilla y Johana Roa, students of CESA School of Business’ Masters in Marketing Management, with the guidance of their mentor Juan Espinoza, won first place in CESA’s Entrepreneurial challenge with their project ENERfru, Miles of Nutrition. As a prize, the students won a trip to Chile with the institution’s next edition of international visits and the right to waive a three credit course.

ENERfru is an ergogenic drink with natural fruit, almond milk, and glutamine, that facilitates the ingestion of the nutrition athletes need. In sports, an ergogenic help makes up everything athletes use for their optimum performance, including their alimentary needs. This is why ENERfru improves the relationship between nutrition and metabolic performance in athletes.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge participants developed their business model based on athletes’ desire of having a practical, “all in one” and easy to carry product. Plus, in order to respond to their needs, it contributes to the better absorption of various nutritional groups that contribute to the good performance of various systems like the muscular, immune and cardiac, and provides energy, protein and hydration.

Currently, the project is ready to start pre-sale. Diana Padilla, member of the group, assured that their next step is to present ENERfru before the incubation committee at CESA’s CLE - Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, in hopes of the chance to continue with the project with the Center’s guidance. “This challenge is not part of the Masters program, but we learned as much as if it had been a course, we encourage other students to participate because you really learn a lot about product construction” she added.

CESA’s Entrepreneurial Challenge, presented across graduate programs, hopes to drive the business creation process with the support of new methodologies, such as “CESA Thinking”, that allow the validation of business ideas, and promote getting to know their market and building a model based on the contextual reality.

CESA is recognized for driving entrepreneurial spirit in its students through the generation of new and better business ideas that turn into corporations where innovation, social and environmental responsibility are the building blocks.