CESA Supports One Young World Bogota 2017

One Young World, organization that has brought together world leaders like Bill Clinton, Kofi Annan, and many others, recently announced Colombia’s capital among the pre-selected cities to host the summit on 2017. The summit, which convenes the most countries and young leaders after the Olympic Games, will take place in Bogotá, Belgrade, The Hague or Paris.

Our country could be the first in Latin America to summon the biggest encounter of young people in the world, approximately 1,200 participants from 194 countries. The event aims to connect the brightest young minds with world leaders, in order to find solutions to high-impact global issues. In its latest editions, OYW has achieved dialogue with world leaders like Nobel Prize Muhammad Yunus, who recently also expressed his support for Bogotá during his visit to CESA School of Business, writer and columnist Arianna Huffington, and entrepreneur Richard Branson.

“At CESA School of Business, we are committed to shaping Colombia's business leaders that can transform realities and contribute to the social, economic and political development of our country. The capital of Colombia, a country that is at a historic turning point, has a lot to offer to young leaders from around the world. The spirit of improvement of the Colombian people is inspiring and contagious, as is our desire to build and work for a peaceful nation” said Henry Bradford Sicard, Dean of CESA, in support of Bogota 2017. “Hosting One Young World Summit 2017 in Bogota would be a wonderful opportunity to show the world how young leaders are empowered to bring about positive changes in order to give life opportunities to all. Visiting our capital will be an enriching experience for all participants, who will come across unique stories from a joyful, resourceful and diverse people” he added.  

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