The CESA, in the Summit of CEO's of Conscious Capitalism

It was recently held in Austin, Texas - USA, the Eleventh Summit of CEOs of Conscious Capitalism, a business movement that seeks to rescue the heroic sense of business and capitalism.

Recognized businessmen from the United States and various parts of the world participated in this annual meeting. Its academic agenda was filled with inspiring talks, in-depth workshops and informal sessions of interaction with the participants that allowed generating a relationship and training environment for this group of conscious leaders.

Conscious Capitalism is a global movement created by John Mackey, founder of WholeFoods Market and Raj Sisodia, a professor at Babson College, who joined efforts from the conscious, responsible and focused business practice in the common good together with academic studies, research and management practices that have been not only successful for their economic results but also for having generated a positive impact on humanity.

The four key components of this business philosophy are 1. Organizations with a defined higher purpose; 2. Conscious management of all stakeholders; 3. Conscient Leadership, and 4. Conscious organizational culture.This vision has been captured in the book co-written by both founders, which has the same name as the movement and was published in 2010. Since this year the publication was translated into Spanish and distributed in some Colombian bookstores.

The summit brought together 250 CEOs from different companies in the US and around the world for three days in Austin, recognized leaders such as: John Mackey, Raj Sisodia, Daniel Pink (writer), Frederic Laloux (autor of Reinventing Organizations), IN-Q (recognized poet), Pascal Finette (Vice President of Singularity University), Ron Shaich (CEO of Panera Bread), Shabnam Mogharabi (CEO of Soul Pancake), Roy Spence (cofounder of “The Purpose Institute”), John Hope Bryant (ceo Operation hope) among others. Creativity and storytelling, Reinventing Organizations, The Guide of Conscious Capitalism, It is Time to Change the Way We Think, About Learning and Capital Management for Conscious Organizations, were part of the topics developed in multiple deepening workshops.

Two CESA graduates participated in this event: Juan Martin Cardona Cárdenas, CEO of Inspyra, a company dedicated to transforming people and organizations through happiness, and that brings together more than 50 companies to share good practices, connects conscious leaders and co-creates tools to innovate in organizational cultures; Juan Fernando Hoyos, founder of Juancamole, a company whose purpose is to generate happiness for its members, families, customers, suppliers and community, through its business model of production of sauces and food for large companies such as Frisby, D1, Exito, among others.

This was also a favorable space to inform the participants of the summit the launch of the chapter of Conscious Capitalism Colombia, which has as founding members a large group of Colombian businessmen and several universities and institutions, including CESA, and others of Bogotá and Medellin.

At the beginning of 2018 there will be the official launch of this movement that seeks to put on the main agenda of the Colombian business this vision of managing organizations from the conscious capitalism.