The CESA, in cooperation agreement to promote the Sustainable Development Objetives

The CESA –Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administracion- and the Pvblic Foundation signed a cooperation agreement in order to promote the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) through the public and private sector in Colombia.

The Pvblic Foundation is an American organization that leverages on the power of technology and the means to promote social changes, in parallel with sustainable development hand in hand with the business sector.

This cooperation agreement seeks that the CESA, as an ally of Pvblic, be the spearhead in Colombia to ensure that companies, media, universities, among other institutions, boost the actions promoted by the SDO. Pvblic has executed a hundred campaigns of considerable social impact with the support of over a thousand media in at least fifty countries.

The signing of this commitment was made in the development of the Latino Impact Summit 2017, one of the few events in Spanish that takes place at the United Nations, and that brought together entrepreneurs, executives, university rectors, diplomats, social entrepreneurs, among others, to discuss methodologies and mechanisms of how Latin America can contribute to SDO, and notice opportunities. The summit took place between November 30 and December 1st in New York.

Both parties, Henry Bradford, rector of the CESA, and Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, president of Pvblic, drew a tentative road map of what would be the desired goals and the first steps to follow to achieve them.

“This agreement will allow us to leverage our knowledge with the experience and the Latin American leadership of Pvblic," rector Henry Bradford pointed out.