Golden flight of CESA student in the Bolivarian Games

With a total of 213 gold medals (119 more than Venezuela, second in the jousting), 136 silver and 111 bronze, Colombia was crowned as the delegation champion of the recently culminated Bolivarian Games held in Santa Marta.

And one of the golds went to a son of that land and CESA student: Jorge Alfredo Rocha, third semester.

With 21 years of age (his birthday was on November 14, just the day he got the gold medal), Jorge Alfredo was the best in the male category of 'wakeboarding' (a single board), one of the four modalities of skiing nautical.

For Colombia that medal, the second gold that the young student has achieved so far in his career (the first was achieved in the Bolivarian Beach Games in Iquique-Chile), is product of a story that began when he was four years old.

Listening to the soft sound of the waves, and feeling the refreshing breeze of Santa Marta, Jorge Alfredo allowed himself to be seduced by the acrobatic pirouettes that many did on surfboards, in that steel-colored sea that hits the bay on sunny days.

Don Alfredo Rocha, his father, notice, and did not hesitate to let him put on the two skis for the first time, and be dragged tamely by any of the boats stationed in the area.

When the Rocha-Olarte family traveled to Santa Marta on vacation or during holidays, there was no day when Jorge Alfredo did not ski. Then, at age ten, a cousin, who traveled abroad, left him a board to practice; and at fifteen, during a trip to Miami, at a water sports store, Jorge Alfredo himself began his professional connection to skiing. And is that the store manager saw him so passionate that mentioned several clubs, even in Colombia, that would allow him to develop his potential. Thus, he submerged definitively in that sport, which he says naturally "is another organ of my body”. While he explains, Jorge's face is the same one that is drawn on the face of Billy Elliot - the character that inspired British film (Stephen Daldry, 2000) - when he talks to the director of his admission to a London dance school how electrifying is the dance.

Jorge Alfredo Rocha was linked to the Club Náutico del Muña. For the past three and a half years, he has relied on a coach, and has been trying to practice five days a week. But it is not easy. In fact, for his administration studies, the dialogue with his coach is usually over the Internet. “In the training some one record me, and those videos are sent to the coach. He gives me the necessary recommendations, and also accompanies them with videos that I review over and over again and put into practice”, he says.

Sacrifice, discipline and passion are the three pillars with which Jorge has grown athletically.

And he mentions the sacrifice, above all, because, he acknowledges, is what his family has done for him. Not only his parents but his brothers. Although they also like sport, one the motocross and the other soccer, he admits that many of the family's economic efforts are more inclined to their activity because of the costs of skiing, which turn out to be superior. For that reason, Jorge does not hesitate to say that those around him are as responsible for his success as he is. “One alone cannot go anywhere. Neither in sports, not in life, not in anything. The whole family has played to support me," he says.

Hence, his brothers are part of his skiing team. Indeed, he has involved them, to the point that his dad and his brothers sometimes drive the boat in his trainings.

The credits are also for their colleagues at CESA. The time that he dedicates to training distances inevitably delays some academic commitments, so his classmates are always remembering him what was seen in class, what was lost and explain it in order to help him.

As for his other passion, business administration, he is dedicating time beyond the CESA classrooms with a virtual business. In his Instagram account he promotes caps and jackets under the brand 'Roch'. The name derives from the way his North American coach pronounces his last name. “I found it interesting, my friends thought it was good, and there I go ... Now, with the third line of hats," he says.

For next year, Jorge Alfredo has several key objectives in mind: the World Cup in Argentina in March, the Pan American Games in Peru, and the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla.

And also, the subject of labor law, in which the results were not the best. And in this, yes, without stunts or risky stunts.