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The winners of the first 'Marketeers' contest

With the strategy called 'New York, a State with a healthy lifestyle that eats Colombian chocolate', the group formed by Victoria De la Espriella, Juan Camilo Ortega and Maria Paula Isaza was the winner of the first Marketeers contest, led by CESA marketing area with support from Bancoldex.

The marketing strategy, one of the four submitted to the contest by the same number of groups, has as its essential purpose to influence the expansion of the company Lök Foods in the international market, specifically in the United States.

Carolina Angulo and Alberto Henao, CESA Business Administrator, founded the company Lök Foods.

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Although the contest sought to draw up a strategy to be applied by the company, in fact, his spirit was that students could use DATLAS, from Bancoldex, tool that provides information to make diagnoses regarding imports, exports, investments, regions, sectors of the economy, products and jobs, so that companies have clues that allow them to expand effectively with their products or services in different latitudes. Indeed, a second group received recognition from Bancoldex, also for the successful use that students made of DATLAS.

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The qualifying jury, made up of a CESA teacher, two Bancoldex officials, and a representative of the Lök company, took into account three aspects as qualification supports to decide the winning group: introduction and knowledge, strategy development, and marketing plan.

In order to guarantee and perfect the process derived from 'Marketeers', the owners of Lök Foods will not only start up the strategy created by the winning group, but in six months, in development of the second version of the contest -whose company was already defined-, will attend to discuss the results and experience of the work, elements that will give clues to improve the benefits that DATLAS can bring to the CESA classrooms. It should be remembered that the Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración is the first institution of higher education in the country that is articulated with the role that Bancoldex has in Colombian international trade with the use of this tool.

Given that the plan generated by the students is a strategic document, the exercise behind its preparation was "an enriching experience because not only did they learn to manage a tool, but also applied the theoretical part to something practical, real ", underlined professor Luis Guillermo Cordoba, coordinator of 'Marketeers'.

Julian Becerra Gomez, executive of Bancoldex's Global Flows Management, said that one of the most salient aspects of the winning group's plan is that "it can be 'turned on' at any time because it is ready to be used and implemented." And he added that in any case the work of all the groups was "judicious and profound".

Finally, he considered that 'Marketeers' achieves an effective articulation between the academia, the business sector and the government sector, which is "important, strategic and relevant".

“We need to train the new generations of professionals using practical tools that allow them to be closer to conversations with entrepreneurs. And Marketeers is the ideal space for this," he concluded.