These are the 10 students to Ceopportunity

The ten students of CESA who will participate in this second semester of the year in Ceopportunity were chosen and selected, the program that allows them to be each one with a CEO to explore leadership styles during a day in their own work scenarios.

Nevertheless, Ceopportunity goes beyond. It provides a whole process of training led by Thuoper, a personal development and organizational consultant. Thuoper uses the Hogan methodology, recognized worldwide for its research, diagnosis and leadership development in organizational contexts.

Leadership exists in various spheres, but in organizational contexts the core of the issue is focused more on what is projected than on what it is. Perception is reality.

Through Hogan it is not necessarily possible to have a 'photograph' of the competences that the students have to adapt to a certain organizational environment, but the personality traits with which a style of leadership can be built.

Cuando ellos alcancen el sector real podrán no solo potenciar algunos rasgos, sino que a partir de esa metodología “consiguen tener un marco de referencia sobre qué es lo que van a ir a observar de un CEO”, explica Liliana López Villegas, presidenta de Thuoper.

When they reach the real sector they can not only enhance some traits, but from that methodology they also "get a frame of reference on what they will observe from a CEO”, explains Liliana Lopez Villegas, president of Thuoper.

With that input they will be able to contrast the style of leadership of the CEO with his own style, and observe the strengths they lack, and how eventually they can acquire and shore up.

On the other hand, the presidents or managers of the companies emphasize more and more the benefits of this space created by CESA and Thuoper.

Hugo Villegas, CEO of Medtronic, explained that many times the opportunities are at hand, without being sufficiently exploited, but that Ceopportunity is a favorable space to identify the development of this talent. In addition, which is another arista of the convenient alliance between company and academy.

Monica Contreras, Manager of Pepsico, and who invited other CEOs to join this program, stressed that Ceopportunity is a scenario to implement another of the "must be" of the managers: be partners in the formation of the next talent generation. He added that the program not only enriches the students to bring them faithfully to the real world, but the presidents themselves in understanding the world of the present generations.

These are the ten students who will have the same number of CEOs, five of whom are premiered in the program with students:

María Paula Isaza Martínez

Juan Camilo Cardona Aguirre

Sergio Martínez Charria

Camila Gutiérrez Maya

Isabella Rojas Garcés

Firas Al-ashram

Juan Pablo París Gallego

Gabriela Zuluaga

Vanessa Falah Tascón

Sebastián Álvarez Arias