The first meeting of Transforming Education, Reinventing Education in Latin America, passes through the CESA

More than 250 leaders in the area of education will gather in Bogota, in a space of co-creation to promote transformative learning and the development of skills for the 21st century: empathy, teamwork, collaborative leadership.

The 1st. meeting of Transformative Education, "Reinventing Education in Latin America" will bring together for the first time specialists, academics, teams of innovative schools, universities, journalists and social entrepreneurs from the global network of Ashoka and Re-Imagine Learning, to work in four intensive days in collaborative spaces. During the four days they will be able to share good practices and knowledge through workshops, conferences, conversations, practical sessions and innovative dynamics that will change the conversation about education in AL.

The meeting will be attended by more than 50 innovative leaders from Spain, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, England, Senegal and India. Many of them have been part of the processes of educational transformation in India, Europe and AL such as Kabir Vajpeyi, Jill Vialet, Vicky Colbert, Montserrat del Pozo and Michael Sani, among others.

The conference will be held in three scenarios: CESA –Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración–, Gimnasio Moderno, and Tilatá College in Bogota. They will focus on 10 themes for the transformation of Latin American education such as education for peace, education based on nature and sustainability, learning spaces, empathy, inclusion, education and entrepreneurship, education and social impact, learning through play, public policies, educational planning and assessment of skills of the 21st century.

The Transforming Education meeting is a co-creation involving more than 30 social entrepreneurs from the Ashoka network and its organizations, entrepreneurs of Re-Imagine Learning, and more than 20 innovative schools and universities in the region, under the leadership of Ashoka, TAAP (Learning Workshop for Arts and Thought), CESA, Gimnasio Moderno, Los Nogales College, Ekirayá College, Aquileo Parra College, Tilatá College, Gimnasio Santander, OpEPA, Mi Sangre Foundation, AEIOTU, and Impact Hub Bogotá.

Interested can be registered through the website www.educaciontransformadora.com to receive more information about the meeting, including the costs of participation.

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