Expert in Web Analytics at CESA

Gemma Muñoz Vera, digital marketing and web analytics expert, gave her conference “Ever since races are timed, people run faster”, on August 27th at CESA School of Business.

Throughout her fun and dynamic presentation, Gemma explained the importance of web analytics and how to convert data into information and knowledge. Web analytics studies the attraction of clients, the activation or quality of each visit, the conversion or how to translate those visits into achieved objectives, and the retention of the client.

Gemma focused most of her presentation in proving that web analytics without business objectives is just a report with a lot of numbers. “If data does not make us take decisions or change the way we are acting, it is not useful at all” she said. The qualitative or business intelligence part, in other words, the analysis of data and the psychology within the information, parting from the desired objectives, is what increases client satisfaction and fidelity.

During her presentation, Gemma got into detail about how to use different tools like Google Analytics and Excel, which are available to the public, and how to maximize their functions in order to correctly analyze a web page.

Watch Gemma Muños’s video with advice to CESA students on how to better manage their business’ online presence.

Gemma also participated as a conferencist on August 28th in the Second International Marketing and Advertising Congress in Bogotá, in which Paula Cañas, CESA’s Marketing and Communications Director, participated as a panelist as well.

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