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When making choices there is always a group of opportunities and a group of restrictions. 
Research in this field looks into how we make decisions in order to accumulate or distribute wealth with limited resources.


The general objective of this area of research is to revise, validate, adapt and develop criteria, instruments, and models, in order to assess concrete and financial actives. These activities are carried out in the context of risk and uncertainty that surround the real and financial sector in Colombia.

Over the next years, companies will face a dynamic and versatile reality. The decisions that business leaders make will be determined by a profound knowledge of their target market. Their success will depend on the strategies and methods that an organization applies in order to build loyalty with existing clients and attract future demand.

 In response to the above mentioned challenges, marketing research focuses on the following areas: Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior and Innovation.


The general objective of the Economics research area is to study the way in which consumers and manufacturers make decisions. The aim is to provide better tools for the business industry; tools that contribute to better results in the different economic sectors. Research in this area is also conducted with the purpose of offering advice for public policy makers in order to help lever the productive sectors.

To develop this proposal, this line of research focuses on two areas: The first carries out studies in economics and business administration from a historical perspective, and the second from an applied economics orientation

Globalization and Management

Globalization is a consequence of the changes that influenced the global economic environment during the 70’s and 80’s. In this context, our line of research in Globalization and Management looks into the characteristics, scope, impact and consequences of globalization in Colombian economics and companies, in order to define strategies to integrate them to the competitive world, and promote the country’s economic and social development.

Members of the Research Department

  • José Manuel Restrepo A.
  • Dean
    Ph.D. Candidate in Business Administration in Higher Education
    Management, University of Bath.
    M.Sc. in Economics, London School of Economics.
    Finance Specialist, Universidad del Rosario.
    Economist, Universidad del Rosario.

  • Juan Santiago Correa R.
  • Research Director
    Ph.D. in Legal Sociology and Political Institutions, Universidad Externado de Colombia.
    Master in History, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2004.
    Economist, Universidad Externado de Colombia. 1999.

  • Lina María Echeverri C.
  • Director
    Master in Marketing.
    Specialization in Strategic Marketing.
    Candidate for Ph.D. in Integration and Economic Development and Territorial , ULE-UTP.
    Master in Administration, ITESM, 2003.
    Business Economist, Universidad Autónoma de Manizales, 1998.
    Professional Family Development, Universidad de Caldas, 1996.
    50 Research Group on Innovation and Business Management.

  • Werner Zitzmann R.
  • Director
    Master in Corporate Finance.
    Specialization in Corporate Finance.
    Master in Teaching and Research University with emphasis in Economics and Management Sciences, Universidad Sergio Arboleda, 2008.
    Industrial Economist, Universidad de los Andes, 1968.

  • María Andrea Trujillo D.
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration, Universidad de los Andes, 2011.
    Master in Administration with emphasis in Finance, Universidad de los Andes, 2006.
    Sanitary Engineer, Universidad de Antioquia, 2001.

  • Álvaro Alexander Guzmán V.
  • Ph.D. in Administration, Universidad de los Andes, 2011.
    Master in Administration with emphasis in Finance, Universidad de los Andes, 2006.
    Specialist in Marketing Management, Universidad del Rosario, 2003.
    Specialist in Finance, Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2000.
    Business Manager, Universidad Externado de Colombia, 1998.

  • Edgar Vieira P.
  • Ph.D. in estudies of the Latin American Societies, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III, 2006 Master in International Relations, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2002.
    Specialist in Development Studies, IRFED, París, 1967.
    Industrial Economist, Universidad de Medellín, 1965.

  • Edgardo Cayón F.
  • Student
    Ph.D. in Finance, University of Technology, Sydney.
    Master in Business Administration, McGill University, 2001.B.S.
    Management with majors in Finance and Economics, Syracuse University, 1995.

  • Javier Bernardo Cadena L.
  • A Ph.D. student in Administration, Universidad San Pablo Ceu de España.
    Master of Strategic Management and Organization, Universidad Católica de Ávila, España, 2009.
    Specialist in Private Finance, Universidad del Rosario, 1992.
    Economist, Universidad del Rosario, 1990.

  • Óscar Bravo P.
  • A Ph.D. student in Management, Swiss Management University.
    Master of International Business Management, EOI Escuela de Negocios, 2000.
    Specialist at Marketing, Universidad de los Andes, 1978.
    Business Manager, EAFIT, 1968.

  • José Luis Sandoval D.
  • A Ph.D. student in Management, Swiss Management University.
    Master in Business Administration, ITESM, 1994.
    Specialist in Education with New Technologies, UNAB (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), 2010.
    Specialist in Business, UNAB (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), 1991.
    Business Manager, UNAB (Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga), 1987.

  • Claudia Gómez R.
  • Master in Management of Organizations, Universidad EAN and Université du Quebec a Chicoutimi, 2007.
    Specialist in Markets, Universidad de Los Andes, 1987.
    Industrial engineering, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 1984.

  • Juan Felipe Parra
  • Master in Economics, Universidad de los Andes, 2008.
    Economist, Universidad del Valle, 2004.

  • Jorge Eduardo Mejía
  • Master in Administration, ITESM, 2003.
    Industrial Designer, Universidad Autónoma de Manizales, 1995.

  • Javier Hernando Murillo O.
  • Master in Literature, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2000.
    Specialist in University Teaching, Universidad El Bosque, 1999.
    Professional Literary Studies, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 1992.

  • Marta Lucía Restrepo Torres
  • Master in Communication, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2007.
    Social Communication and Journalism, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 1984.

  • Pedro Alejandro Aguilar S.
  • Master in Teaching and Research University, Universidad Sergio Arboleda.
    Specialist in Assessment and Development Investment Projects, Universidad del Rosario, 1996.
    Mechanical Engineer, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1993.

  • Armando Barrios Ross
  • Ph.D. in Public Policy, International Development, University of Birmingham.
    Master in Applied Economics, The American University.
    Economist, Universidad Central de Venezuela.

  • Enrique Alejandro Ter Horst
  • Enrique worked as a quantitative researcher and Trader at Morgan Stanley where he was also co-editor of the "Quant Strategist", a weekly publication. Prior to his experience at Morgan Stanley, he completed a Ph.D. in Bayesian Statistics at Duke University, USA.

    His research focuses mainly in developing new methods and models in risk management and Quantitative Finance. Some of his research modeling is currently used by some investment banks and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

    He has published in academic journals in the field of quantitative finance and Bayesian statistics, such as "Quantitative Finance", "Bayesian Analysis", and the "Journal of Applied Econometrics."