“Happiness helps generate success”

Matt Killingsworth.

Since the creation of mankind there are many scientists around the world that have made different investigations to identify true happiness in humans. The philosopher Aristotle, to mention some, in his work "Nicomachean Ethics", written in the fourth century C., includes an analysis of the long-awaited (and sought) human happiness, and its relationship to the character and intelligence.

These investigations are due to the fact that every day the people desire happiness, no matter matter how you call happiness: welfare, joy, satisfaction; simply consists in being happy.

In everyday life the human being think in happiness as something that follows the success: People studied to have a good job, delivery much of his time to the work, forget the family looking for a promotion to earn more money to buy a house, a car, and all the elements that make believe that the sacrifices are like a "medal of honor"; is prepared to suffer to achieve success.

Matt Killingsworth shows in his study the result of an analysis on the science of happiness, and the potential role that joy can play in inspiring progress. He also demonstrates that people are more productive, collaborative, and creative in their life when they are happy. “None of us know how much we have to walk on this planet we call home but, while we are here, we can choose to walk with joy", said Matt Killinsworth

Happiness can be more creative, friendly, participatory and collaborative with others, and this is reflected in results; happy people are better able to face a job interview, obtain better performance evaluations, achieve greater productivity, and they tend to have positive relationships with others, and even more robust health.


Since 2013 in the CESA it has developed a clear awareness of the importance of this dynamic, so was implemented that elective call Happy Business, which is, to a large extent, the answer to the challenges of today's world, recognizing that a leadership based on happiness is more pleasant to build and develop families, businesses and, in general, societies.

See here the exclusive interview that Henry Bradford, rector of the CESA, and Andres Ramirez, Professor of elective Happy Business, make the scientist Matt Killingsworth.

Matt Killingsworth

PhD in Psychology from Harvard University, trained in Economics and currently associated with the University of California, Berkeley. He has devoted decades of scientific research and field work to mature a new theory of economic development known as Joynomics: Study of joy and progress.

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