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The agreements that the International Relations Office has with recognized Colombian and foreign universities contribute to the integral formation of their students, while positioning the CESA internationally.
This is the opportunity for an academic, cultural and scientific exchange. Consider some of the basic skills to think about studying abroad: knowing English, having an interest in other cultures, having the ability to study on your own, and know how to work as a team.

Degree abroad

The double degree programs grant the international component that today is required to be more competitive in a globalized world. The experience beyond borders constitutes an introduction to the challenge of thinking differently, to relate in a different way, to thinking about the multiculturalism of business.
Through the double degree programs abroad, the student will be able to finish their studies with Bachelor degree in the CESA, and of Specialization, Masters or MBA outside, almost always within the same 9 semesters of the career.
The possibility of perfecting a third language becomes a plus of comparative advantage when the time comes for professional practice.
Students who have completed the seventh semester can access the specialization programs, master’s degree or MBA from the universities with which the CESA has an agreement. The studies they perform will be approved by the last year of the degree, eighth and ninth semester. When the student returns and completes the degree work, and with the requirements of article 62 of the Undergraduate Studies Regulation, will obtain the Bachelor degree of the CESA and the degree (own or in some cases official) that have carried out abroad.
The institutions in agreement with the CESA for these programs are:

Semester or year abroad

The academic mobility programs for a semester or a year allow the student to develop in a different and multicultural environment, generating the need to be independent, to make their own decisions, and to open themselves to other cultures and ways of conceiving ideas. It takes him away from fears, prejudices and comfort zones, to put him on the path of innovation.
By studying in a different academic system, students are challenged to excel and integrate with local students who can support them in different processes, building personal and professional relationships useful for the future. Being immersed in a different context to the usual, allows both to value one’s own culture, as well as to put into practice learned things and add value for the future of the country when returning.
Students who have completed subjects up to the fourth semester can access the academic mobility programs for a semester or a year, in national or foreign business schools or universities, in agreement with CESA. The subjects taken abroad can be approved with prior authorization of the Undergraduate Department, and following the guidelines established in the academic regulations regarding the minimum grade required. Through the agreements that the CESA has, students can access partial or full scholarships in the enrollment of the destination university.
The institutions in agreement with the CESA for these programs are:
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Also, students may choose universities or institutions without agreement with the CESA to make their exchange, with prior authorization of the Undergraduate Office and the Office of International Relations, and in accordance with the required quality parameters. n these cases, the student must assume the total cost of enrollment at the destination university.

Academic mobility process

The International Relations Office conducts informative talks at the beginning of each academic semester aimed at students interested in academic mobility processes.

  • The call for mobility programs will be published in blackboard so that interested students can apply to the programs within the established dates.
  • The quotas will be awarded to the different destinations, depending on the student’s position in the selection process, after studying the factors required in the application. The students with better averages will obtain the quotas with scholarship in the tuition.
  • The student must complete the application process with the host university and subsequently receive the admission letter to process their visa.
  • The student must process the visa at the corresponding consulate and deliver the documentation required by the International Relations Office.
  • The student must process the homologation letter of subjects with the Undergraduate Direction and comply with the number of credits that will be taken abroad, determined by the International Relations Office.
  • The student must attend the pre‒departure orientation sessionorganized by the International Relations Office at the end of the semester. Likewise, their academic and disciplinary performance will be evaluated by the Undergraduate Office for the final authorization of the mobility program.
  • Once the student has finished the semester or his studies abroad, he must request the CESA International Relations Office to send his certificate of notes, for the subsequent process of homologation of subjects by the Undergraduate Office.

Foreign students at CESA
The CESA receives foreign students from universities with an agreement of a semester or a year in the institution. Likewise, it opens the possibility of receiving students from universities without an agreement, after complying the required requirements, and subject to the availability of quotas for “free movers”. Through these mobility programs, the CESA community is enriched by new experiences thanks to the daily relationship with students of different nationalities and cultures. CESA students have the opportunity to share and exchange different points of view at the academic level with foreign students during their classes. Likewise, outside the classrooms are generated spaces to share experiences of daily life, culture, art, sports, travel and many opportunities that turn the institutional environment into a multicultural one.
María Escobar- CESA student
“For me, sharing with international students who come to CESA is a unique experience. I had the opportunity to be very close to several of them and realize how different we are and how much we have to learn from each other. We are really fortunate to have foreign students in the University, and share with them, learn and know their cultures, traditions and ideologies. It was a very enriching space and I hope to continue being part of it.
I invite those students who have not had the opportunity to be part of this experience of internalization to try it. Each semester we have new students who arrive willing to deliver the best of them which helps us open our minds, establish professional and friendly ties, and discover new perspectives that will lead us to grow both professionally and personally.”
For foreign students it is also an enriching experience, both at an academic and personal level, to study a semester or a year at CESA. During that time they face a different educational system and often a language that constantly challenges them. The close relationship with the teachers and the administrative staff allows this experience to be complete. Likewise, they are surprised by the culture and beauty of a country like Colombia where they can travel and meet different regions in a few hours with an immense variety of climates, colors, textures and flavors. Many of them leave with incredible stories and strong friendships with CESA students that last over time.
Testimonials from international students
Tal Hirshberg – IDC Herzliya – Israel
“I was arriving to Bogotá for my first time in order to participate at the amazing student exchange program. Bogotá is a great city where you can make new friends, eat tasty food, and enjoy parks, shopping malls and nightclubs!
First, when I got there I went to check CESA which I found one of the best university in the world. Small classrooms, professional teachers, perfect atmosphere to study with a wide range of courses you can choose (also some sport classes that are pretty awesome. The stuff is super helpful and friendly (teachers, administrators, security guards, food sellers, and the gym team) all of them made me feel like home. The experience for me was once in a lifetime I learned so much about Colombia and I met so many people from all over the world. Besides the curses, I have enjoyed to attend, I had the chance to travel in this beautiful country when it was holiday. I really like the fact that we have to attend a Spanish class so I can practice my Spanish even more!  Miss CESA already and feel happy for the other students that will go there!”.

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